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Monday, August 23, 2010

The Long Weekend!

Good intentions but a busy last few days. First week of Summer School went very smoothly and we have enjoyed amazing hot weather.
Friday we went on the 'obligatory' visit to Bran Castle, home of Dracula. Ignoring the "Dracula" bit it is an impressive castle in a pass through the Carpathian Mountains dating back to the 13th or 14th Century. Many improvements this year with really interesting displays of photographs and info on Romanian Royal family.
Saturday another bus tour (hiring the A/C minibus is so so worth it and probably cheaper for 18 people. We went to Sinaia, a winter ski resort and site of the Royal Summer Palace, Peles. Small but beautiful. Again the sun shone all day. It was a relief to go 3000 feet up in a cable car for an hours break and a birds eye view of the valley below.
Foolishly offered to cook for the team over the weekend, hard work but everyone enjoyed and everyone survived!
Today was beginning of second week. Each day we have different clients although most are regular. The crafts are going well and I never cease to be amazed at the talents of our friends. Today we finished with our usual sing song and three of the clients decided to get up and give us a "song" each. Brilliant.
Team is going well, the odd little 'issue' but they never cease to surprise me with their maturity in expressing forgiveness and reconciliation.
What have I learned these last few days (and the weeks before)? Grace and patience. At least my need for both in large heaps.
We had to make a change in the team a short while ago. I asked the airline if they would waive the usual fee in the circumstances. And they did cos we are from "Elphin"! Another airline I forgot to book assistance for my daughter and they arranged it although it meant they had to change her on to a later flight, no charge again!
One of our days out we must have spent a total of 2 hours during the day just waiting for this one or the other who had got lost, wandered off into their own wee world or just gone! Patience, just a little patience.
One last point. Everyone's favourite is Dan, a paraplegic, 26 years old. It is amazing that his wheelchair is still going, it's awful. Yet it seems impossible to replace. I think we are going to makethis a mission!

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